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Sr. Particulars Rates (Present GST as applicable)
 01  Issue of Duplicate Demand Drafts  Rs. 60/- per instrument
 02  Revalidation/Cancellation of Drafts  Rs. 50/- per instrument
 03  Loan Recovery Post dated Cheq. Return  Rs. 250/-
   Outward cheque return charges (For all types of accounts
 other that term loan)
   Up to Rs.50,000/-  Rs.50/-
   Above Rs.50,000/- up to Rs.1,00,000/-  Rs.75/-
   Above Rs.1,00,000/- up to Rs.5,00,000/-  Rs.150/-
   Above Rs.5,00,000/-  Rs.250/-
 04  Stop payment Instructions  Rs. 50/-per instrument
 05  Standing Instructions  Rs. 100/- per transaction
 06  A/c Closure Charges  Rs. 100/- if a/c is closed before 12 months (except no-frill a/cs)
 07  Issue of Duplicate Pass Book  Rs. 25/- per pass book with transaction for the current year only.
 Rs. 20/- per each previous year
 08  Issue of Duplicate Statement  Rs.20/- per ledger folio
 09  Enquiry relating to old records (if the enquiry is for an item  more than 12 months old)  Rs. 50/- per page (maximum Rs.500/-)
 10  For issuance of No Dues Certificate  Rs. 50/-per certificate
 11  Issue of Solvancy Certificate  
   Up to Rs.5.00 lakh  Rs.750/-
   Above Rs.5.00 lakh & Up to Rs.10.00 lakh  Rs.1250/-
   Above Rs.10.00 lakh & Up to Rs.25.00 lakh  Rs.1800/-
   Above Rs.25.00 lakh & Up to Rs.50.00 lakh  Rs.3500/-
   Above Rs.50.00 lakh & Up to Rs.100.00 lakh  Rs.6000/-
   Above Rs.100.00 lakh & Up to Rs.300.00 lakh  Rs.7500/-
   Above Rs.300.00 lakh & Up to Rs.500.00 lakh  Rs.9000/-
   Above Rs.500.00 lakh  Rs.10000/-
12 Issue of Cheque Books
  SB A/cs 1 Cheque Book (15L)every 2 month free thereafter Rs.2 per cheque leaf
  Current A/cs  Rs. 3/- per cheque leaf
(If average balance Rs.1/- Lacs quarterly maintained-No Charge)
  OD(FD)/CC/Hypo/BD A/cs Re. 3/- per cheque leaf
13  Any Type Of Certificate Issue  Rs. 50/-
14  Confidential Report Charges  Rs. 200/-
15  Signature Verification Charges  Rs. 25/-
 16 Inward Cheque Return Charges
(For inadequate Balance in the A/c)
 Up to Rs.50,000/-  Rs.75/-
 Up to Rs. 1,00,000/-  Rs.150/-
 Up to Rs. 2,00,000/-  Rs.250/-
 Above Rs. 2,00,000/- Up to Rs. 5,00,000/-  Rs.350/-
 Above Rs. 5,00,000/-  Rs.500/-
 Other accounts
 Up to Rs. 50,000/-  Rs.100/-
 Up to Rs. 1,00,000/-  Rs.200/-
 Up to Rs. 2,00,000/-  Rs.250/-
 Above Rs. 2,00,000/-  Rs.700/-
 Above Rs. 5,00,000/-  Rs.1000/-
 17 Half Yearly incidental Charges
   Current Accounts  Rs. 0.75 per entry
 (Minimum Rs.150/- Half Yearly)
 Up to 200 entries charge will be
   Advances A/cs other than Term Loan and Overdrafts a/cs  Rs. 0.40 per entry
 (Minimum Rs.250/- Half Yearly)
 Up to 625 entries charge will be
 18 RTGS/NEFT(w.e.f. 01-11-2016)
   Inward  No Charges
   Rs. 2.0/- lacs to Rs. 5.0/- lacs  Rs.25/-
   Above Rs. 5.0/- lacs  Rs.50/-
  up to Rs.10,000/- Rs.2.50/-
  Rs.10,001/- to Rs.1 Lacs/- Rs.5/-
  Rs.1,00,001/- to Rs.2 Lacs/- Rs.15/-
  Above Rs. 2.0/- lacs Rs.25/-
  Instruction contained in Circular No.amco:adm:057:2016-17 dt.19.09.2016 should be followed
 19 Ecs Inward Return Charges
  Upto Rs.50,000.00 Rs.50/-
  Upto Rs.1/- Lacs Rs.100/-
  Upto Rs.2/- Lacs Rs.150/-
  Above Rs.2/- Lacs Rs.200/-
 20 Outward Bill Collection Charges(OBC)
  Upto Rs.10,000.00 Rs.50/-
  Above 10,000/- Up to Rs.1/- Lacs Rs.100/-
  Above Rs.1/- Lacs Rs.150/-
 21 Cash Handling Charges(w.e.f. 01.10.2017)
  (1)Saving Accounts up to Rs.20,000/- NIL
  (2)Current and Adavnces accounts up to Rs.50,000/- NIL
  (3)Savings accounts above Rs.20,000/- Rs.6 Per Rs.10,000/-
  (4)Current and Advances accounts above Rs.50,000/- RS.6 Per Rs.10,000/-
22 ASBA Forms Return Charges(For inadequate Balance in the account) RS.300/-
23 services Rendered Free of Charges:-
[1] DDs/pay orders on MUMBAI & DEHGAM free of cost.
[2] No Processing charge
Upto Rs.10,00,000/- (Car Loan & H.P.Loan)
[3] Enquiry relating to old records for an item less than 1 year free.
[4] Account Statement free
[5] No penal Int. for loans upto Rs.25000/- under priority sector.
[6] e-payment Services (Tax challan, GST,ESIC,VAT,CST,Service Tax)
24 Bill Discounting under L/C
  Bill Discounting Under L/C charge Rs 750/-(+)interest as applicable
  Bank Guarantee
(a) With 100% Cash Margin -1% p.a. or part thereof. Minimum Rs.200/-
(b) Others- 1.5% P.a. or part thereof. Minimum Rs. 500/-
[1] Guarantee Commission to be levied on entire validity peroid including claim peroid
[2] Commission to be Collected upfront.
[3] Commission to be collected at every renewal
Issue of Inland
Foreign L/c
1% p.a. of L/C amount, if margin is 100%
1.5% p.a. of L/C amount, if margin is less than 100%
In the case of issue of L/C through karur vaishya Bank,Bank of Baroda,
or any other bank,then that Bank's charges will be levied additionally.
Late Stock Statement On avereage outstanding of preceding month 1% penal interest after grace
period of 10 days
from due date of submission.
Late Insurance In case of insurance policy due date, 1% penal int. from due date.

For proposal processing charges and inspection charges, instructions circularised vide Circular
No.adv:083:2017-18 dt.07.09.2017 should be strictly followed.