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Remittance of Fund Issue of out station Draft on Mumbai / Ahmedabad / Dehgam at par for our constituents, against the clear balance in the a/c, Issue of Banker's cheque for local payment at competitive rate Issue of Out station Drafts other than Mumbai/ Ahmedabad through mutual arrangements with leading private, commercial & Nationalised Banks at competitve rates

Collection of Cheques / Bills Collection of outstation Cheques on Mumbai / Ahmedabad / Dehgam and Baroda at par. Cheques on Mumbai Cleared in maximum five working days. Collection of Cheques on other centres and collection of Bills under agency arrangement with other banks

Letter of Credit & Bank Guarantee We being a Multi-State Scheduled Bank, L.Cs/Bank Guarantees issued by us are acceptable by all Banks / Govt. Depts./ Corporations etc. Foreign L.Cs. Issued by mutual arrangements with leading commercial & Nationalised Banks at competitive rates

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